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Life Hack: Stop Missing Socks

Kids LOVE socks. I don't remember being as obsessed with my sock game as a child. But nowadays, dope socks are a necessary accessory for young athletes. The Stance Clay Thompson 11 Socks pictured above cost $20 online. Which basically means I'm going to be pretty annoyed if I find one of these bad boys underneath the sofa. Sock Locks have saved me so much time searching laundry to find sock matches and energy asking my kid where his other sock is.

Keep these in your kid's room. They pair socks and toss em in the laundry. Regular weight socks fit in a single Sock Lock. Sports socks like Stance socks fit through double Sock Lock. They're washing machine and dryer safe. And if you spend moolah on cool socks, and value your sanity, I suggest picking up some Sock Locks.

Do you know a better way to keep socks together? Comment below with your sock hacks!

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